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  • 拓雲國際網路專業的主機代管及網路服務,提供了二十四小時專業工程師技術支援,完善的機房設備提供雙備援冷氣空調服務、氣體消防設備、雙備援不斷電支援(UPS)系統及隨時待命的發電機系統,以及多重(元)網路連線,還有安全監視器進行全年無休的監控與維護,讓您省卻機房建置、維護及專線費用,並有365天7*24小時技術支援服務。

  • 2018/05/11 TPE Submarine Cable Barrier Effect_2018-05-14 09:40:31
  • Starting date: 2018-05-11
    Time: Repair time is uncertain.
    Range: Details such as description
    Explanation: Due to the TPE submarine cable obstacle on May 11, 2018, after the company's emergency dispatch support, some of the clients' websites connecting to Japan and China will not be affected during the ordinary hours, and only part of the connection may be caused during peak hours. The phenomenon of delay will be restored after the repairs are completed. The inconvenience caused will be forgone.