• Co-location
Cloud Services International Services - Co-location Description:
  • 「Co-location 」service, simply to say, is to put your mainframes in the server room of the international data centers. Our internet data centers provide you an operating environment of high reliability, high availability, high efficiency and high capacity. With the hosting of customers’ systems thorough the internet data centers, Cloud Services International provides customers with customer service, system reset, security control, backup management, monitor and high speed network connection and operation 365 days a year.
  • SPLA_報價說明
  • A.Offshore IP:
    A.Offshore IP:
    Welcome to call for information about Malaysia IP, Singapore IP, U.S.A. IP, Hong-Kong IP, PACNET IP China Telecom CT IP … etc.
    B.Firewall services:
    B.Firewall services:
    1.The co-location provides customers with FORTINET-50B above firewall services without charge,
    2.For the respective setting requirements, please notify Cloud Service International’s sales before on-line!
  • The co-location and network services of Cloud Services International provide 24-hour professional engineer technical support. Our perfect machine room equipments provide dual backup air-conditioning services, gas-fighting equipments, dual backup Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems and always-standby powering systems, and diversified network connections. Furthermore, there are security monitors proceeding monitoring and protection continuously in a whole year. It saves the charges of machine room setup, maintenance and leased line for you. Also, it provides you 365 days 7*24 hours technical support services.
  • Welcome to call Cloud Services International for co-location and network services. Our team will explain completely the co-location and network services for you!