• DDOS advanced protection
Cloud Services International-DDOS advanced protection

  • DDOS attacks may be specifically divided into two types – bandwidth consumption and resource consumption.
    Both of the types occupy a large amount of network and facility resources through a large amount of legal or forged requests to achieve the purpose of paralyzing networks and systems.
  • What “DDoS advanced protection service” provides is “network end” protection. It setups high efficient, stable, continuously updated defense equipments at the server frontends. Cloud Services International team and HiNet SOC professional tem are in charge of the update and calibration for maintaining and operating the defense equipments. It provides a 7 x 24 365 days a year monitor reporting service. Each type of DDoS attacks is actively detected and defended such that the network service setup for the enterprise will not be interrupted due to DDoS attacks. This service is used based on monthly rental.

    Why is DDoS advanced protection service necessary to use? What are the main functions?

    To prevent the network service from interrupt due to DDoS attacks from Internet, the protection is necessary to be applied to. However, for the protection at the client end, a large amount of attack packets will still block the enterprise’s outer net such that the enterprise’s outer net is compelled to be interrupted. This service blocks various types of DDoS attacks at the machine room end and will not affect the operation of the enterprise network service. The enterprise itself does not need to setup, maintain and operate, and the internal network structure and settings do not need to be changed or adjusted. Besides, the professional SOC team is in charge of real-time monitoring and reporting the attack block efficiency, and providing on-line analysis statistical reports for the network management staffs of the enterprise to feel safe.

    Why should the advanced defense service provided by HiNet be chosen for DoS/DDoS protection?

    To block DDoS attacks, besides professional manpower and advanced equipments, an extremely large bandwidth is the one which is capable of bearing a large amount of DDoS attacks. HiNet owns the largest backbone bandwidth in our country. It directly bears and defends a large amount of DDoS attacks on the network and has the best protection efficiency. Simultaneously, the network bandwidths of clients are cleaned. This service helps customers comparatively save the equipment cost and manpower. There is no need to care about the subsequent warranty and update expiration. It provides Chinese protection efficiency report to manifest the efficiency immediately. That is also useful for IT department to report to the upper levels.
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