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Cloud Service International Service - SPLA
  • Cloud Service International's professional hosting and network services provide 24-hour technical support by professional engineers. The complete computer room equipment provides dual-backup air-conditioning services, gas fire-fighting equipment, and dual-backup continuous power support ( UPS) system and generator system on standby at any time, as well as multiple (yuan) network connections, as well as security monitors for 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, allowing you to save the construction, maintenance and dedicated line costs of the computer room, and there are 365 Technical support service 7*24 hours a day.

  • 2022/10/18 HiNet room equipment maintenance_2022-10-12 11:51:46
  • Maintenance of some equipment in HiNet's non-fixed equipment room in the Greater Taipei area
    Start and end date: 2022-10-18
    Time: 04:00 ~ 08:00
    Scope: some HiNet non-fixed users in the Greater Taipei area
    Note: In order to improve the quality of network services, HiNet computer room will carry out equipment maintenance from 04:00 am to 08:00 am on October 18, 2011. At that time, the Internet service of some HiNet non-fixed users in New Taipei will be interrupted for about 30 minutes. Please We apologize for any inconvenience caused by continuing to use Internet services after construction.