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Cloud Service International Service - SPLA
  • Cloud Service International's professional hosting and network services provide 24-hour technical support by professional engineers. The complete computer room equipment provides dual-backup air-conditioning services, gas fire-fighting equipment, and dual-backup continuous power support ( UPS) system and generator system on standby at any time, as well as multiple (yuan) network connections, as well as security monitors for 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, allowing you to save the construction, maintenance and dedicated line costs of the computer room, and there are 365 Technical support service 7*24 hours a day.

  • 2015/10/19 HiNet submarine barriers announcement_2015-10-20 16:50:44
  • because it is an earthquake off the coast of Ilan, SMW3 submarine barriers affect HiNet client connections connections to Japan, China, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand, part of website quality
    All dates: 2015-10-19
    Time: 2015-10-19 11:00
    Range: As explained in detail
    Description: Due to 104 years on October 19 earthquake off the coast of Ilan, resulting SMW3 submarine barriers, after the company emergency dispatch support, customer connections in Japan, China, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand in general most of the site will not be affected period, only in peak hours may cause some delays wires a little, until the repair is completed, you can return to normal, the inconvenience caused, please forgive me.